At PROVENCE, we are actively on a journey to improve every aspect of our business, encompassing our collections, products & daily operations.

This endeavour is driven by our dedication to promoting environmental kindness. 

Recognising our role in an industry with substantial environmental implications, we are resolute in our commitment to instigate significant positive transformations.


By intentionally delivering tightly edited collections, our team works to ensure that every piece is considered, timeless, purposeful & equipped for longevity.

With a focus on high quality fabrications & craftsmanship, mastered fits and multi-wear styling options, we are working to ensure that each piece can serve you and your wardrobe for years to come.

Our manufacturing partners are a key piece to this journey and we are lucky enough to share our values with them, from ethical practices to safe work environments and employee empowerment. 

All of our fabrications are ethically sourced through these vetted manufacturing partners, with processes in place to continually improve and learn alongside our supply chain.

We understand that this is an ever-evolving space which is why we are actively on a journey to improve and evolve. 

As a business, innovation and creativity is at our core and we are excited to use this to further better our products and practices, ensuring that each PROVENCE piece not only makes you look good, but also feel good.


Our mission to "build for the future" goes beyond our business and products - The future is people.

Whether it is our internal team or our growing community, PROVENCE believes in empowering, uplifting and supporting all who interact with us today and beyond.

Our goal is to achieve a happy, healthy and purpose driven community, from the inside outwards.


PROVENCE is passionate about supporting non-profit organisations where possible. 

An organisation that is extremely close to our founder's heart is The Cancer Council.

Alongside financial contributions, our team also attends the annual Cancer Council Posh Ball which is NSW's flagship fundraising gala ball and auction, to support advancements in life-saving cancer research, information, support, prevention and advocacy programs.


We look forward to keeping you updated as we learn and evolve across all aspects of our values and business.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to be involved in our journey, please reach out to us via email at


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